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Why host in Australia?

Why use Network Voice and Data for your Hosting and IT Requirments?

Network Voice and Data allows organisations to rent or subscribe to data storage, internet access and computing capacity, rather than purchase and maintain equipment and software
and network infastructure needed to store it and publish it themselves.

What are the benefits and risks associated with using Small Business Data?

  • Availability including guarantees – everything within the cloud solution is normally redundant, including the hardware, networking, back end connections and even internet links
    from the data centre. Our network has a minimum 99% uptime guarantee.

  • Quality – generally due to the “pooling” of multiple clients the installed infrastructure is vastly superior to what an organisation would or could afford locally.
    Our Network runs on a variety of commercial servers. Our network is multihomed through our primary provider.

  • Flexibility – a Small Business Data Group solution is one of the most flexible solutions, allowing remote access and the ability to easily incorporate
    additional servers and integrated solutions as required.

  • Speed – The Small Business Data Gorup's Network built for speed from the ground up, using latest in technology.

  • Scalability (Growth) – solutions can scale from your current users to thousands of users very easily and other solutions can easily be incorporated.

  • Managed solution – A solution from the Small Business Data Group is generally a completely managed one, including updates on the operating system.

  • Security – The Small Business Data Group offers a range security solutions from a normal username and password authentication to more complex Two-factor authentication.

  • Disaster Recovery - A Small Business Data Group solution offeres many levels of Backups from basic automated once a week to multple times a day

  • Redundancy – All our CPANEL hosting includes redundancy – where servers can be “rolled back” in the last backup / snaphot. ÂWe do offer a redundant web hosting service.

When hosting what do you need to be cautious of?

  • You are dependent on the provider.
    Our network map is available on the Internet as a public dosument from a number of sources.

  • Where is the data and is it local?
    All our Mail and Primary Webservers are located in Sydney. ÂWe do offer intermational hosting in the USA and the UK

  • Who owns the infrastructure and can you get access?
    If you colo equipment with us, you simply need to book a vist. Due to security we dont allow unescorted access to equipment.

    *24/7 Access is available to customers who rent 1/3 or a rack or more.

  • Does the data leave Australia?
    If it does you lose sovereignty to your PI and this is considered to IT Experts as an unacceptable risk.

  • Is the provider your using or going to use American?
    If so you will be subject to the Patriot Act which guarantees visibility to your data for the American Government.

  • What is the size of link needed at the client location to guarantee good responsiveness?
    All our servers are connected at the same speed to the same network.
    We do offer plans where you can purchase you own transit data, that is 1:1 (not shared with any other user) Delivered to your equipment (network) by Vlan

We do offer Hosting in the USA and the UK for our international clients
We offer redudant copy of your WEBSITE upon your consent.
We have backup mail servers in service for times when our primary mail server is not responding
This is also located outside Australia but outside our mian networks.
The mail hosting in the USA and UK is primarily only for the residents of those countries.
We do not recomend any Australian Business hosting private docuements or mail on any server outside Australia under any circumstance!