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Refund Policy

If you have received your goods and they are not in satisfactory condition when you receive them they will be replaced at no charge.

If the product you receive does not match the description of what you ordered, we will replace your order with the correct items at no charge.

If you placed an order and subsequently decided you do not want the product, your order can be returned and we will refund the price to you (less postage) providing:

1) The product has not been opened and packaging is fully intact.

2) You inform us by email or phone within 7 days of receiving order.

3) All charges relating to returning the product are paid by the customer.

4) To claim your 30days money back for webhosting, a request for refund form must be received by us by close of business on the 30th day. All monies bar items is section 5 will be refunded. (Domain Registration Costs are not refundable)

5) No refunds given for Domain Names, Setup Fees, Special Orders (inc but not limited to 1300/1800/13 DID Numbers) or VoIP Telephone Charges (inc Calls).

Effective 01/04/2015